Spring til indhold


An ode to female art workers, mothers and wives

Written for a reading performance at ARoS Public. Nov-Dec 2019.
Published in English in conjunction to the exhibition The Feminist Supermarket, Ireland (2020-2021).

freee berlin opslag

I am (also)
Adam Smith’s Mother

Scenes from this world and the intertwined structures of hidden economies

Published in Free Berlin # 5, May 2018
Editor Brandon LaBelle, published by Errant Bodies Press

Your Money or Your Life

– feminist perspectives on economy # 1-4. 2016

Edited by Lise Skou and Bonnie Fortune
Published byTrade Test Site Imprint

pics paper hidden eco

Hidden Economies

Edited by  Lise Skou and Bonnie Fortune.

Published in conjunction to the seminar Hidden Economies – a seminar on economic possibilities at The Royal Danish Art Academy, 2014.

We all suffer
from capitalism,
but refuse treatment

-A manuscript for a play in one act. 2014

Commissioned for the exhibition:  Systemics #3
At Kunsthal Aarhus, Aarhus (DK)
Curated by Joasia  Krysa