Spring til indhold

Rewriting (Labour) History

at work work work at METER space, Copenhagen

I contribute with the installation Rewriting (Labour) History, which takes its point of departure in the major work Wealth of a Nation (1776) by economist Adam Smith. My work focus on the nature of precarity, the value of work and the lack thereof.

The installation encompass an 8 hour long video in one shot, my edited version of “The Wealth of Nations”, plus a wall text in gold vinyl foil.

work work work is a exhibition that is self-reflective and takes a look at artists and curators’ own circumstances as cultural producers. The art industry is known to be infected by expectations of free labor and a general lack of money. Are these conditions we can change and if so, how?

As cultural producers we are more often than not a part of the new and fast growing social class called the precariat. A class defined by short term employment without protection and with fewer rights both economically, socially and politically. It is a social class that gathers people from across the traditional class system such as immigrants, unskilled workers and highly educated people, freelancers and project employed workers.

Supported by: The Danish Arts Foundation and The City of Copenhagen.