Free Culture Camp


Organized by  Field Work (Lise Skou and Nis Rømer)

28th of February-1st of March 2008,

Open for everyone

Exhibition: 1st of February- 16th of March.

Place: rum46, Århus Denmark (

Paricipants: Sine Bang (DK), Kayle Brandon (UK), Kristine Briede (Latvia),
Adams & Itso, Field Work (DK), Group Work/Students from the Art Academies in DEnmark, Andreas Wegner (D/AUS), Henrik Moltke (DK), Amy Balkin (US), YNKB (DK)

Images below:

Cube Cola originated in 2003 as a public experiment by Kayle Brandon and Kate Rich, Bristol, UK.

This is the Public Domain (2003+) by Amy Balkin

The culture that we all create should not be owned or privatized by corporations. No idea comes from solitary confinement, but builds on long traditions of free exchange, cultural production, everyday life and lived experience. The instrumentalisation of art and culture for economic gain is an invasion of our life worlds that needs to be addressed and countered. We want culture that is free, critical, counter productive, anarchistic, shared, sustainable, public and participatory as well as recklessly entertaining. We will produce with lust for life and dance on the graves of the bloodsuckers from the creative class and the experience economy.

Free culture is not only a question of copyright but a wider issue of access to commons like land, water and air. How can these resources be distributed in a just way and how do we secure that the side effects of our culture; scarcity and pollution is not once again just becoming somebody else’s problem.

Free culture is a 3 day camp in rum46. Events and talks will be mixed with performance, production and group works. It will be a live-in environment for cultural production, and exchange between academics, artists, social movements and a participating audience. Our aim is to investigate our value systems and daily practices in terms of the role of artistic production in today’s capitalist climate and discuss a variety of models and strategies for social and political change.

About Field Work

Nis Rømer & Lise Skou

2007 –

Amongst the many relations defining human existence the individual and collective relation to our environment is one of the most essential.

The cultivation, elaboration and even destruction of our surroundings are defining our culture and it is a central tool in the creation of national and social identities.

Field Work aims to investigate those relations by engaging with urban and rural landscapes, and reflect on contemporary perception and uses of it. We analyze living conditions from an economic, social, architectural and ecological perspective as well as from the organizational modes found in everyday life and daily consumer transactions, discover or even establish pockets of subculture.

We do field work and work in anthropological ways to produce ideas that has a potential to change how we perceive and act in the world.

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