Spring til indhold
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Single channel film. 4K. Color / Stereo sound. Duration: 10 min.

Solo exhibition DESTITUNT BODIES,
Galleri Image, Jan 12 – March 10 2024, DK

Exhibition view, photos by Mikkel Kaldal

Gestures of care, becoming a warrior warrior was screened on a semi-transparent fabric (220 x 500 cm wide)  installed in a semicircle. Behind the screen a 220 x 800 cm wide wallpaper is glued onto the wall, with an image of the old iconic stock exchange building in Copenhagen from where all economic transactions and trade took place since the 1600s and right up to the 2000s. Due to the transparent screen, a shadow of the woman cleaning is casted on the wallpaper behind. As a way to comment on the huge impact the historical economic decisions still have today on the value of care labour.

(more text coming soon)

Gotfat, film still

Performer: Denise Lim / Produced by: Gotfat Production / Sound Engineer: Nicolas Vetterli / Dramatic playwright: Gritt Uldall Jessen / Choreographer: Tanya Rydell Montan / Photos: Frida Gregersen Photography / Installation photos: Mikkel Kaldal /