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SWOP PROJECTS 2003 – 2011
A project by visual artists Andrea Creutz (SE) and Lise Skou

Swop projects is as a platform for production and dissemination of materials and
ideas surrounding contemporary political, economic and social debate.

The projects visualize and communicate models for economic systems that function
as counterparts to the dominant monetary economy.

Projects by Swop:
Story Space on Gift Economies
Hidden Flow Currency Shop
Swop Interview Archive on alternative economies
Give Away  – in Circulation
Give Away Shop
Tuesdays@Swop – 
at our premises Roarsvej 6 Copenhagen

“A gift economy is an economic system in which
the prevalent mode of exchange
is for goods and services to be given
without explicit agreement upon “a favor for a favo

– Wikipedia the free Encyclopedia


Rad more about selected Swop Projects and/or download the Swop Book published in 2011: