Psychological Operations, 2004

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Psychological Operations, 2004
w. Andrea Creutz (SE)

At: Minority Report – challenging Intolerance in Contemporary Denmark

Audio play, 6 different napkins with printed statements.  
Installed in a public Café 

Psychological Operations is a project which investigate psychological processes and the unconscious influence that can lay the foundatioon for  intolerance and stereotypical images. In collaboration with Susanne Andersen (MA in Psychology) and Heidi Gylden (MA in communication), the artists developed a series of workshops and excercises that took place in July 2004. The workshop participants were visitors in a shopping mall in the city of Aarhus (DK). The material formed the starting point for an audio play and a serie of napkins with statements that were installed at a café in the shopping mall throughout Minority Reports’ exhibition period.  

[About the collaboration]
In 2003, when participating in The Whitny Museum of American Art Independent Study Program in New York, USA, Andrea Creutz (SE) and Lise Tovesdatter Skou started collaborating on a series of sound-, video- and textbased installations. Since then they have produced several projects which deal with construction of: paranoia, Otherness, and myhts of cultural superiority and inferiority.  

©Lise Tovesdatter Skou

visual artist

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