Spring til indhold
2018-08-17 16.23.48

At Kunsthal Aarhus,
In collaboration with visual artist Andrea Creutz (SE)
Performative event with cards, reading club, archive boxes and exchange café.

Shedding light on Hidden Economies is at the core of this project. The project focus on dichotomies such as work/non-work, paid work/unpaid work, cultivation of self-interest/care for others

Departing in the feminist critique of political economy we counterpose Adam Smith’s famous market economy principle of The Invisible Hand (i.e. the individual who is beneficial to himself also indirectly benefits the community or the public), with the economist Nancy Folbre’s concept of The Invisible Heart.
Folbre’s concept shows that care and reproductive work, in the household as well as in the labour market, sustains the whole body of society.
The Invisible Heart is a necessary – yet unrecognized or undervalued – condition for The Invisible Hand to even exist!”

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