Astrid Noack’s Floor

A proposal for a public sculpture

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Service Manifest # 1

Solo exhibition, Astrid Noacks Atelier,  Copenhagen.

Re-Enactment of Mierle Laderman Ukeles “Maintenance Art” from 1969,
drawings and a proposal for a public sculpture of Astrid Noacks’ Floor

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Rewriting (Labour) History

EXHIBITION: work work work

Aug 25 – Dec 8 2018

For the exhibition I present the installation Rewriting (Labour) History, which takes its point of departure in the major work Wealth of a Nation (1776) by economist Adam Smith. The work focus is on the lacking consideration of how unpaid work helps ensure wealth.


Café the invisible heart

Kunsthal Aarhus
Throughout August 2018

Café the invisible heart, in collaboration with  Andrea Creutz, was installed at Kunsthal Aarhus during August 2018. Visitors were engaged in exchange through various installation elements

Cultural Heritage

A fight with sticks

5 screen videoinstallation

A “re-enactment of Francisco Goya’s painting from 1820-23 with the title “Fight with sticks”


Trade Test Site
– ongoing since 2015

Research and Event Platform

Test Site is an artistic research platform started in 2015 by Lise Skou with the support of Bonnie Fortune. Trade Test Site runs a public program of events and workshops; an exchange shop and café; a school for home production and publish smaller booklets.

kort ANA


“The Value of Artistic Labour”
August 2019

A conversation with visual artist Hannah T. Anbert (DK), Maj Horn (DK) and Lise Skou (DK).

At Kulturmøde Mors /Mors Yearly Cultural Meeting

Image: Cards by Lise Skou