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Rewriting (Labour) History

EXHIBITION: work work work

Aug 25 – Dec 8 2018

For the exhibition I present the installation Rewriting (Labour) History, which takes its point of departure in the major work Wealth of a Nation (1776) by economist Adam Smith. The work focus is on the lacking consideration of how unpaid work helps ensure wealth.


Café the invisible heart

Kunsthal Aarhus
Throughout August 2018

Café the invisible heart, in collaboration with  Andrea Creutz, was installed at Kunsthal Aarhus during August 2018. Visitors were engaged in exchange through various installation elements


Trade Test Site

Research and Event Platform

Test Site is an artistic research platform started in 2015 by Lise Skou with the support of Bonnie Fortune. Trade Test Site runs a public program of events and workshops; an exchange shop and café; a school for home production and publish smaller booklets.


We all suffer from capitalism, but refuse treatment

A reading performance produced in 2014 for Systemics #3: Against the idea of growth, towards poetry (or how to build a universe that doesn’t fall apart two days later). 60 minutes
With Song Dong, Fran Gallardo, Mogens Jacobsen, JacobKolding, Lise Skou og Mika Taanila.

2019-03-20 12.01.16


“The Art Workers Event Series”
March 2019

With Fiona Reilly (IR), Kelly Lloyd (US) and Lise Skou (DK).
Image: Fiona Reilly – Artist Worker Badge

“Money Makes the world go around”
– and the  precarious subject as marginalised existence
Anthology Money Manual, 2019.



Throughout 2019: The Feminist Supermarket with Ormston House, Limerick, Ireland. Curated by Mary Conlon (Founder, Ormston House, Ireland)

The Feminist Supermarket, is a multi-year project. The project is inspired by advertisements from the 1960s when Ormston House operated as the first supermarket in Limerick. The slogan “If you Hav’nt Visited with us yet You’r Robbing Your Husband” has prompted us to ask: What would a feminist supermarket look like? How would it work?

The Feminist Supermarket is currently in a research and development phase.